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In 2017, AVA launched its first series of products in three 12-inch and 15-inch passive models. The unexpected reception of these speakers and the resulting feedback created a strong incentive to continue developing the quality and variety of products. In the following years, the predicted goals were achieved with an acceptable trend. By the end of 2023, the variety of manufactured speakers will reach 16 models and ready-to-produce designs in the active speaker group will significantly increase the development momentum in 2024 and beyond. AVA will always adhere to its commitment to maintain and expand the satisfaction of its audience.

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AVA has made many changes since 1997; The development of various departments and the addition of the QC department, the completion of laboratory and calibration equipment, the optimization of the speaker box and color are some of the things that have been done in this short period of time, so that AVA not only has the ability to attract the audience in the international arena, but also the Iranian audience. also bring Also, in 2020, by presenting new ideas in the design and optimization of speakers, this company won the title of a knowledge-based manufacturing company, and now it is the only knowledge-based company in the field of producing professional speakers in Iran.

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What Have We Done So Far?

Relying on modern knowledge and experience of sound experts, AVA company has been able to gain the trust of many people who are not familiar with this industry by providing quality products. You can See Here.

Why AVA?

AVA PRO AUDIO team started its work in a small shed and in a short period of time by supplying high-quality products and valuable support of consumers, it increased the variety and circulation of products and today it proudly succeeded in attracting the support of a large part of the workers. It has become a prominent professional and sound recording artist of the country. But why do professionals choose AVA?


As it was said, even if the speakers in the market were of good quality, they did not have a proper user interface or were not suitable for the customers’ use. After researching and forming several teams, we have been able to produce different models of speakers with different uses and sound types that suit Iranian tastes. We have left it up to you to determine the sound and quality. You can check the quality and sound of the speakers by visiting the AVA central store and comparing the speakers of other brands next to the AVA speakers.


We assure you that AVA speakers will be offered to you with a much more ideal quality than your investment cost.


You can test and examine all the products before buying and get advice from our experts. You can see AVA agencies in your city here.

Customer Service

Since AVA speakers are produced in the country, you have the possibility of direct access to the manufacturer. This means that if there are any problems, our experts will be at your service to provide you with the best possible user experience. In addition, all products have after-sales service up to five years after your purchase, and we are responsible for providing, supplying and repairing the mechanical and electronic parts of your product.